Fewer Vendors

Reconditioning vendors can give dealerships choices about how to get their recon work done. Because most dealerships (and companies in general) function with a keen eye on resources, they must set and maintain their priorities so the number of vendors doesn’t grow out of control.

Your vendors play an important role in the experience your customers have with your dealership. Here are some reasons why working with fewer vendors can be the smart way to go:

1. Easier Oversight

Working with fewer vendors allows for better communication. One vendor = one relationship, one phone number, one contact, and one invoice. It’s simply easier to deal with fewer vendors. Period.

2. Simpler Billing

The complexity of billing increases when you work with numerous vendors, as does cost per vehicle. It can be hard to determine what you’re actually spending because there’s so many hands in the bowl.

3. Reduced Risk

Relying on anyone outside your firm comes with a risk, no matter how reliable the partnership or inevitable the reliance. Ultimately, your dealership will be held responsible for any work done for you by a third-party vendor. The more vendors you work with, the greater the risk.

4. Consolidated Processes

Working with fewer vendors means less paperwork, fewer contracts to manage, and fewer certificates to obtain and maintain. It also gives you 100% coverage for your recon services as the vendor is on property at all times to handle last minute upsells in the service lane. Almost every service customer has at least one cosmetic issue that can be resolved in the same visit for increased service lane profit.

Instead of asking the customer to come back Tuesday morning at 11am to get the windshield chip fixed and Thursday at 3pm to get the leather repaired, your service writers can say, “We can also fix the windshield and leather while you’re here today for your oil change.”

5. Lower Operating Costs

When you partner with Drake Auto Reconditioning, you will find it easier to expedite your offerings in numerous areas, as you’re leveraging our expansive capabilities.

6. Trusted Vendors

Dealerships develop long-term relationships with vendors based on trust. Your repeat customers continue to return to your dealership when their variant needs are always met quickly and easily.

All of these services

into one

We will consolidate the following services:
  •  Interior repairs and dye work
    (Leather, vinyl, plastic, carpet, fabric, etc.)
  •  Paint correction buffing and touch up
  •  De-Ionized lot rinse
  •  Windshield chip repairs
  •  Strong odor treatment
  •  Headliner repair
  •  Exterior trim black-out
  •  Headlight restoration